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The simple answer is “organizing a group of people to achieve a common goal.” (Wikipedia)  If you are student of leadership you know that experts and “leaders” for centuries have presented the “traits” theory of leadership.  In short what the theory talks about is that all leaders have certain traits that result in them becoming leaders among their peers.  This theory would say that individuals with these traits would be leaders no matter what the situation.  This assumes that leaders are born and not made.  We could spend years digging into the origins of leadership and all the theories that surround the subject.  That’s not the purpose of this article.

You know a leader when you see one.  And whether or not leadership can be learned or one is born into it is not for me to say.  What I do know is that with God all things are possible, because nothing is impossible for HIM.  So if you are designed by your creator to be a leader or the Holy Spirit molds you into one at a time after your birth, I don’t care which it is.  What I do know is that those of us who are Christian and leaders in the marketplace need a model to follow to accomplish the tasks that the Father has purposed for us to do.  So if HE has purposed us to accomplish certain desires and dreams for the Kingdom, HE must know and will provide the way or the model for us to accomplish them.

God the Father, after all is the ultimate leader; HE is the KING of Kings, LORD of Lords, maker and creator of the universe and lover of your sole.  What can we learn by studying HIM, what will HE teach you as you develop a relationship with HIM?  This article is a short list of some of the things that HE wants to teach you.

Have a Vision …

Why do you think that God created?  “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.” (Genesis 1:1) WHY?  Do you think HE just might have had a plan?  I sure think so.  I don’t for a minute think that HE started “creating” without a perfect picture in HIS mind of what the end result would look like.  I think HE knew exactly what the sun, the moon, the earth, the seas, the mountains, the valleys, the birds, the animals, the ants and yes even you and me; He knew what it would all look like.  The Father had a VISION of what HIS creation would look like before HE ever started.

The same needs to be true for you and me as business owners and leaders in our companies.  We must have a vision of what the organization will be like, look like and feel like.  What will it accomplish?  What is its purpose for existence?  Why will our community and world be better off as a result of this organization?

This is one step that most small business owners leave out.  And it is one of the reasons that many small business don’t succeed.  They don’t have a plan to become great.  They don’t have a plan to have an impact on their world.  “My goal is to make money” I don’t know how many times I have heard that with the business owners I work with.  And God bless them many are in a spot where they have lost a job and they have to make money to support their families.  Now, don’t hear me say making money is not important, that is not true.  Cash is the life-blood of every business.  BUT the really successful enterprises have an overriding purpose and vision to what they do.  This vision is inspiring to the owners and to the employees.  It can be strong enough to make people want to work there.  Imagine that the employees in your company can’t wait to get to work every morning because they love what they do and they are excited about how they are making a contribution to your purpose and vision.  How much would that add to the bottom line?

Take the time, write your vision, and know the purpose that HE has put in your heart.  Psalm 20: 4 says, “May He give you the desires of your heart and make all your plans succeed.”  And verse 6 says, “Now this I know; The Lord gives victory to his anointed.  He answers him from his heavenly sanctuary with the victorious power of HIS right hand.”  Now that’s the business I want lead!!!

Create your Culture

In the word searches that I have done I have not found the word “culture” in the NIV Bible.  In spite of that fact, I believe that much of the Bible is about culture, the culture that Father established.  Culture is very similar to values, it is the values that you hold dear and that are important to you.  These are the values that you live by whether you are at work or not.  And when you think about it, isn’t much of the Bible about the things that God holds dear and the values that HE treasures.  Consider the Ten Commandments.  These are the values of God put into “law” form.  The value of loving the Lord, the value of worship, the value of family, the value of honesty, the value of honoring your neighbor,  the value of love.  Jesus said the most important commandments were to “love the Lord your God with all your heart and to love your neighbor as yourself.”  In today’s business terms, this is most certainly culture.

So since God thinks “culture” is so important, what do you think?  I can tell you what I know and that’s that culture can be a driving force in a great businesses.  (For an example study Zappos.com.)  First of all let me let you in on a secret … your company has a culture whether you have established it or not.  Because if you don’t establish it, your employees and customers and vendors will establish it for you and then you have to live with what they create.  So doesn’t it make sense to take the bull by the horns and establish the culture you want in your company?  This is about the values that are important to you.  These values and the resultant culture are the foundation of great organizations.  (Consider the example of the Bible being the foundation for the Body of Christ.) 

Remember the definition of leadership we started with, “organizing a group of people to achieve a common goal.” Think about organizing your company around the powerful culture that you believe in and then finding others who hold the same values.  Then paint a picture of the amazing vision that you want to achieve with the help of your team.  Imagine how powerful and profitable your company will be when a team of like-minded folks are all working to achieve the same goals because they are excited about where they are headed with you.

So what values are important to you?  What are the truths that you hold dear?  Isn’t it time you write them down and build the foundation of your great company upon them?  Yes it IS that important.  Honor the values the Father has put in your heart and live by them in the marketplace.  He will honor your faithfulness.

Be blessed and keep singing HIS praises!