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As I was praying and asking Father what I should write about this morning, He led my mind in a direction I did not expect when considering the subject of Biblical Leadership.  Since He is much wiser than I, the following is what He put on my heart.

This is my journey so the things that I write this morning I have experienced.   For reasons that we don’t need to go into here I have struggled with my value and self-worth.  And that is a difficult place for a leader to operate from.  I have come to the conclusion that to be an effective leader one must be secure in their view of themselves and the value that they bring to their teams.  So where does that value come from?

In my experience value has comes from past results or accomplishments, in other words the things that I have done.  Some of those have brought value to me and to others, and some have not.  I don’t know if you have this problem or not, but I have made the mistake of focusing more on the bad then the good.  Rather than learning from those mistakes, I beat myself up over them.  And in addition to beating myself up, I usually forgot all the good things that I accomplished and the people who I have had a positive impact on.

The lesson that I am learning, and I hope you can learn to, is well expressed in the Devotional Pam and I read this morning from Kenneth Copeland in “From Faith to Faith” (follow this link to read the 10/13 devotional http://www.kcm.org/index.php?p=daily_devotional ). 

For [God] hath made [Jesus] to be sin for us, who knew no sin; that we might be made the righteousness of God in him. (2 Corinthians 5:21) Born again believers, you and I, are the righteousness of God!  Copeland says it this way, “Jesus went to the Cross to give you what He already possessed. He rose again so you could be recreated in His image. You are the victory of Almighty God! You are more than a conqueror in Christ Jesus. You are everything to the Father that Jesus is. John 17:23 actually says that God loves you as much as He loves Jesus.”

WOW! When you get this from your head to your heart, it will make all the difference in the world to your self-worth.  Understanding (I mean knowing it in your gut) that God loves you as much as he loves Jesus and that Jesus has sent His Spirit to live in you, will have a quantum impact on self-worth.  This revelation will change your life!

So what does all this have to do with Biblical Leadership?  Everything!  It makes sense to me that if God loves me as much as He loves Jesus, then I have a very high value to God.  Since I have a very high value to Him, His opinion should over-ride what I have been thinking about myself.  Why should I beat myself up over the things in my past when He doesn’t remember them because they are covered by Jesus blood?  So now I can lead from a position of confidence, a position of victory, a position of a conqueror, a position of security, because I understand how much He loves me.

Now that you know that you are valuable to the Father, you can walk confidently in the gift of leadership that He has given you.