About Steve Thalls

I am a man of Christian faith who is growing and maturing in the Lord every day.  I have a background in the church leadership, I am a husband and father and I have rich business experience.  It is the time in my life to combine these sets of experiences for God’s glory. 

I am of the opinion that we as business leaders must do a better job of living out our faith in the marketplace.  We have influence with many people and groups that should be used to advance the Kingdom.  I am not suggesting that we close our businesses and go to the mission field.  I am suggesting that we run our business as a mission.  I am suggesting that we use Jesus Christ as our model and mentor for leadership.

The Word says that when Jesus is lifted up all men will be drawn to him.  It is our responsibility as leaders to lift HIM up.  We have been give certain gifts and talents and the Lord expects us to use those for HIS glory and that includes running your business.

So … I hope that will enjoy my ramblings and revelations as I share them with you in the pages of this blog.  Should you like to learn more about the application of the Word to leadership and business, drop me a note and we can talk.

Be blessed!


1 thought on “About Steve Thalls”

  1. What I have read so far is much more revelations and little ramblings. Thanks Steve

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